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OHS Welcomes 5 International Exchange Students

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Owosso High School is proud to host international exchange students each year. This year, we welcome 5 visiting students from 4 different countries. OHS staff and students welcome these students into our community with a variety of events and support systems. Each student’s home country flag will be on display in the OHS cafeteria and Mr. Phillips organizes monthly luncheons for all exchange students, district administrators and Board of Education members. During these luncheons, our Food Service Director Mr. Klapko prepares a meal from one of the exchange student’s home country for all to enjoy. These luncheons are a valuable learning opportunity to discuss the culture of our international exchange students which correlates with Owosso Public Schools’ International Baccalaureate philosophy of global mindedness.

We firmly believe that our visiting students receive an excellent experience during their stay and our Owosso High School students benefit from exposure to different cultures as well.

It gives me great pride to share the letter below. It is from the father of one of our 2012-2013 exchange students.

Go Trojans,

Mr. Jeff Phillips

Dear Mr. Phillips:

My name is Toni Rodriguez and I am Claudia Rodriguez’s father. She was an exchange student who had passed this last year in your school. She came back two months ago from USA and I would like to write this to you to thank you and all your staff team the attention they had with her. Thank especially to Mrs. Cobb and Miss Schneider and her family who host her in her home without asking anything in a very hard moment for her. Her kindness was immeasurable and that says a lot of the human quality of the people who works with you. We would never be able to thank you enough. It would be a ruin if our daughter would have to come back home without had the program done in addition very unfair.

Claudia came back very happy and grateful to all of you. She had lived such an awesome experience, for all her life, she had known much more from your country, your language, your way of life, your people and also people from other countries who she keep talking with regularly. She could co validate her year here and she is going on with her studies.

I wish Toni, Claudia’s brother, who now is 14 years old will have a school as good as yours when his moment to become an exchange student comes.

Let me finish, congratulating you from all our family and please transmit thankfulness thru all your team.

Thank you all again,
Toni Rodriguez