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Week of 10-17  

Both Biology and Intro to bio/chem will have a test this week scheduled for Wednesday. We are getting close to the end of the first marking period.  Please look at Powerschool and encourage your students to finish the marking period strong.

Biology 10 - Test over bacteria

Intro to bio/chem - Test over metric measurements and density

Week of 9-26-16  

There will be tests in all classes this week.  

Intro to Bio/Chem will have a test on Wednesday the 28th over the scientific method

Biology 10 will have a test on Thursday the 29th over taxanomic classification.

Please check powerschool for the updated grades for your student.  We are finishing the fifth week of school this week so the quarter is half completed.  If your child is not performing up to expectations, please contact me so we can discuss how to help them improve.